Figure 1. Interactive cube showcasing a selection of my recent work. Read full description.

Building the Web Since 1997

Good morning! I’m Sven Dahlstrand ([PHOTO]) – a multifaceted hacker, web developer and creative technologist. Here follows a fictional interview with myself – imagine you’re asking the questions.

Hey Sven! So, what do you do?

I build and teach. Mostly on the web. Always with the help of computers. I thrive on finding simple solutions to your problems. Here’s how I’ve put my skills to good use and helped people recently:

I've been active for many years. To learn more about my work experience, read my CV.

[LOGOTYPES on a cyliner or something?]

Okay, those logotypes was uncalled for but it sounds good! How can you help me?

Well, I can solve almost anything with software. For example, I would love to team up with you and help to

You get the idea. If you have a problem fit for a digital solution – I’m your guy!

Great, but all this sounds expensive?

Oh, I hope not. I do my best to be transparent offer resonable pricing. A single day of consultancy ranges from 9,000 SEK to 16,000 SEK, depending on how urgent your project is, the complexity, and scope. If you’re a charity, non-profit, or working for a noble cause, I’m happy to provide discounts.

You might want continuous days. But buying a day of consultancy and spreading it out over time is okay as well.

Huh, that’s very resonable. This concludes our fake interview. You’ll hear from me!

Great, thanks! I look forward to that. You’ll reach me at or feel free to book a gratis 20 minute consultancy over video. By the way, here’s what I look like taking a video call in my office.

A guy with long hair and glasses, smiling at the camera.
Figure 2. Your's truly in conversation with a client. This photo is staged. 🫣

I’m online first and available worldwide. That said, my body is usually found in the region of Götaland, Sweden. I live in Jönköping. Are you close by? Let’s meet for coffee afk!

Have a nice day! 👋